We’re married!

The big day was May 26, 2001 and we got married at The Mountain House in Livermore/Tracy, CA. The Mountain House is an historic place that used to be a stagecoach stop! We want to thank the owners and staff of the Mountain House for all of their help in getting both us and the Mountain House ready for the big day! And an especially big Thank You to Lynn!

Special thanks to Kathy and Mark & Lori and Walt & Pat for help decorating at the Mountain House, picking out a wedding cake, shopping for decorations and flowers, and everything else.

We decided early in the planning stages that we wanted an informal, fun wedding.  And, darn it, we weren't going to wear uncomfortable clothes!  So, we came up with the idea of 'wedding t-shirts' for the wedding party.  Now we had a bunch of people dressed casually!

We had fun and hope that all of our family and friends did too. Our big regret is that we just didn’t have enough time to visit with everybody for as long as we’d like to or spend enough time introducing each of you to each other.

The band, Planet Love, did a great job and got high marks from young and old alike. Thanks Russ and the Band!

After leaving the wedding we went over to the Evergreen Inn, a B&B in Pleasanton. On the way there we rode the Harley right up to a (holiday weekend) sobriety checkpoint. Darn! But we had a short chat with the officers and were on our way again (thank you Forrest for the Halls mints!)

What led up to this day, you ask?  Well, it started on Memorial Weekend of 1999 with Kathy (and Mark) deciding that they wanted to go for a motorcycle ride and asking me if I'd give their friend Mike (aka Michele) a ride.  I said something like: “sure, just tell her I'm not into anything serious and don’t want any relationships. This is just two people having fun for one day”.  That was good because Mike felt the same.  Well, you see where that got us!  Anyway, for two years now, Kathy's been telling us that “we owe her BIG TIME” for getting us together.  OK, Kathy, here it is in print: THANK YOU!

For those of you that didn’t see it, here’s the license plate on the Harley: 

We've got tons of photographs yet to come but here are a few to wet your whistle! Photo link



Wedding Photos – May 26, 2001

Wedding Photos - 1